Frenzy barb build d3

The Frenzy Barbarian is a dual wielding Barbarian build which uses the Double Swing and Frenzy skills to quickly pummel his enemies to the ground. He takes advantage of his unparalleled movement and attack speed to quickly move from combat to combat, making for a very exciting and fast paced experience.

This guide was written and tested for untwinked single player playthrough across all difficulties using patch 1. This guide will assume that the player has to rely solely on the items he finds when playing the character. The Frenzy Barbarian combines the quickness of the Frenzy and Double Swing skills with the sheer power of dual wielded weapons to quickly distribute large amounts of damage among several foes.

To avoid being outnumbered and overrun, the Frenzy Barbarian also uses the powerful War Cry to stun all nearby monsters for several seconds, effectively allowing him to take as long as he needs to kill his enemies. If need be the character can also utilize many of the skills he aquires while trying to unlock his core abilities, thus becoming extremely versatile and able to deal with any situation.

The main concept which the player must understand when playing the Frenzy Barbarian is control. Though Frenzy is an extremely powerful attack, it should not be overused. Each successful attack with Frenzy greatly increases the character's attack and movement speed up to a certain threshold. While increasing one's attack speed is a powerful ability to have with a melee character, increasing one's movement in the process can be a curse.

Even with movement speed increased by only a few percent the Barbarian becomes very difficult to control accurately. Should the movement speed increase to the skill's maximum potential, controlling the movement path of the Barbarian becomes almost impossible. Though the increased movement speed makes it easy to traverse large distances it becomes just as easy to run into dangerous situations or run right past the enemies the Barbarian was trying to attack.

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One of the most important things when playing a melee character is having control over one's positioning.

No matter what you should never get yourself into a corner or surrounded.

Frenzy HotNS Barbarian BiS Gear, Gems, and Paragon Points

With the Frenzy Barbarian avoiding such situations can be very difficult. To combat this downside, the player has to use the Frenzy skill wisely, mostly when all the enemies in the given room are already close by and stunned. This way the player can freely deal damage with Frenzy and increase his attack speed without having to worry about controlling his character.

Also, the Frenzy Barbarian has access to several useful abilities which can help him out of any situation which he might find himself in. If surrounded the Howl and Battle Cry skills all have their use, though as the War Cry becomes available, these two skills lose on importance.

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If the player finds himself surrounded by monsters while ranged monsters attack him from afar, it is best to use Leap Attack to get into a better posistion or dispatch the ranged enemies before the melee foes close in. Again, thanks to the War Cry the player can take as much time as he needs to deal with these ranged enemies as the melee monsters won't be able to pursue. When dealing with masses of extremely dangerous e.

Willowisp or spread out ranged monsters, the Barbarian can draw his enemies in with Tauntwhich immediately stops the enemy from firing and draws him into melee range where the Barbarian is in his element.

Use this skill whenever closing in on a ranged group of monsters becomes too dangerous. It becomes a necessity in some areas of Nightmare and Hell difficulty so don't forget to use it.

With the Barbarian being purely melee oriented, one must be careful how he distributes his attribute points. Pretty much all the attributes except for Energy are vital to the Barbarian. However the paticular distribution of attribute points depends on the player's choice of weaponry.

Depending on whether the player decides to dual wield axes, maces or swords, the point distribution should be adjusted accordingly. However since we are dealing with purely single player character, it is best to choose swords as the weapon to be used. Though there are definitely powerful enough one-handed maces and axes in the game, the number of these weapons is quite low.

The most powerful maces and axes can be found among the two-handed types, none of which can be dual wielded. With sword weapons on the other hand, the player can easily use any and all types he can find, whether they be one-handed or two-handed. With swords also being the largest weapon family in the game containing 14 sword types per tier it becomes much easier to find powerful rare and unique swords to use.Forgot your password? Here, you will learn everything you need to know to play this build at the highest level.

This build is updated for patch 2. For more information regarding followers, we advise you to read our follower guidewhich contains detailed advice on choosing the skills and the gear of your companion. The Thorns Frenzy build is a highly mobile, single target assassination spec that takes the best of the pure melee and damage reflection playstyles.

The build is designed for Greater Rift solo progression, but we also have a version for speed farming, which you can access by clicking the link below. Read the dedicated Skills page for detailed information on choices, alternatives and build customization. Check the Gear page for detailed information on choices, alternatives, gemming, Kanai's Cube and Paragon distribution. This build is presented to you by Deadsetone of the very few professional Diablo 3 players.

Deadset regularly publishes video guides on Youtube and streams on Twitchwhere you can see how this and other builds play out in practice. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Sign in anonymously. Sign in with Facebook. WoW Classic. Diablo III. Diablo IV. Borderlands 3. Overwatch 2. Leveling and Fresh 70 Guide. End Game. Rend Build with Wrath of the Wastes Set top-tier solo gr-pushing gr-farming.

Diablo 3 2.6.8 Wizard Build: Typhon Hydra GR 128+ (Season 20 Guide)

Hammer of the Ancients Build with the Raekor Set high-tier solo gr-pushing gr-farming.Hey guys! Welcome to our Barbarian Leveling Guide! It answers the usual leveling questions. Notes Fresh Level 70! It prevents misclicks and skill misfires, and forces you to move to where otherwise an enemy might be. I can't use those skills!

Barb is a pretty intense leveling class. Either way, I do it as a change of pace and to relax a bit. Pure Value. I really dislike opening your season by going Campaign and switching right before Leoric. Imagine going through all of that without mobility skills! Rend is unbelievably powerful!!!!

The only downside is you may or may not be there for the loot drops, haha. Rend trivializes the weak point of the build — killing Elites.

It provides a godlike amount of self-healing that more than makes up for any defensive needs you have — allowing the rest of your build to be allocated for pure DAMAGE. Furious Charge while not the best dashing skill in the game — Merciless Assault is downright abusive. Use often against larger packs of enemies for infinite fury and damage. Berserker Rage cheap, free passive damage. A staple skill for end-game or leveling. The only downside being the large Fury cost.

Weapon Throw-Ricochet is too good to pass up while leveling. Fighting Bosses? The bounty super bosses are kinda chunky and time-consuming. Hire your Templar while you level up! The damage boost from this is huge. Do this for your armor, too.I remember a question during the 2. Before tonight, I thought it was only amusing, then I noticed something, the animation for Frenzy was not finishing. Not bad, but no stuttering of the animation. I put back on the EF and tested again, it went up to 2.

In the past, using builds like this, I had issues getting past GR40, but made me interested. I jumped into a 40, it was done very quick. Curious, I jumped straight to It was a lot harder, but I got it finished.

A LoN Frenzy build with no thorns and my casual paragon and I got to The speed that BotS stacked was silly, but good. Here is the build, some of the numbers are not quite the same as mine and some stats are missing. This is all on purpose since it shows damage can be increased. Makes me hope now that they will bring out a set or item that could work with the base idea here to make it work better. Stack some CDR. As long as you are leaping every 8 seconds you would pretty much be un-killable.

As I said, I am going to hope that the new set works with primary attacks in some way to see if EF can work with it for the amusement of all that attack speed.

I really hope the new Barb set focuses on primary attacks, Frenzy Barb is a proper old school Barb Archetype that never really was relevant in D3.

Seiya 31 October 1. GhostDragon 31 October 2. Seiya 31 October 3. I know it is not optimal, that is where my surprise came from. Gierling 2 November 4. I run a pure Frenzy non Thorns build and I discovered this too. They straight up stack. Seiya 2 November 5. There is a part of me that wants to try and do a seasonal character with this build. I have admittedly lost a lot of my interest with the Blizzcon changes to WW though.Forgot your password?

We also list your paragon points and Kanai's Cube items.

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Updated for patch 2. As this is a Legacy of Nightmares set spec, you have considerable freedom in picking out the rest of your gear slots.

As a rule of thumb, focus on Thorns and remember the rings' requirements for ancient items, as well as their restriction on other set bonuses. You can run individual set pieces with beneficial stats, as long as they do not form any set bonus.

The Legacy of Nightmares set is a 2. As long as the two rings — The Wailing Host and Litany of the Undaunted — are the only active set bonus you have equipped, every Ancient item will greatly increase your damage dealt and reduce damage taken. In the stats, try to obtain a combination of Cooldown Reduction and Attack Speed. Note that this is one of the few builds that retain the Legacy of Nightmares combo over obtaining the same benefits via the Legacy of Dreams legendary gem, as the loss of any of the legendary gems outlined below is a bigger loss than any potential ring jewelry you can use in this build.

The recommended amulet is The Flavor of Timewhose revised legendary power now doubles the duration of Pylons — an extremely potent power that, with careful timing, can turn the progressively harder fights in Greater Rifts greatly in your favor.

The former recommendation for the slot, Hellfire Amulet of Strengthremains a viable option, especially if you obtain a good roll with a synergistic fifth passive like Nerves of Steel or Ruthless. A notable alternative for the slot can be a well-rolled Andariel's Visage with Physical elemental damage, necessitating that you cube Leoric's Crown and restrict yourself to just one of the synergistic legendary bracers discussed further.

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Two protective items in the chest and belt slots provide the bulk of your defenses during progression. Being able to disregard your roll on the unique affix range is a great boon, as Thorns is not an inherent roll in the secondaries, making stats harder to perfect. The unique affix makes a world of difference on Pride of Cassius however, and you should seek out the longest 6 second extension of Ignore Pain to reach permanent uptime of your key survival cooldown more easily.

Archew's Gage are the recommended gloves for the build; previously a support spec staple, they enjoy a rampant growth in popularity due to the Legacy of Nightmares set and their own powerful property. Shielding you with an absorption field that more than doubles your maximum health, St.

Archew's Gage offers a temporary defensive edge when engaging an elite — often enough time for this assassin playstyle to whittle the enemy down. Any legendary pants with the appropriate stats high Toughness and secondary Thorns can fill the legs slot, but if you seek to hyper-optimize your build, you should seek out or gamble on Swamp Land Waders with a Witch Doctor alt.

After that, go back to your Barbarian and reroll the natural Intelligence of the item into Strength at the Mystic. The WD-specific affix will naturally go to waste, but the Swamp Land Waders are able to roll Physical elemental damage as a fifth stat, which Thorns damage benefits from.

A lucky roll can even include Thorns in its secondaries, making these pants highly desirable. When played correctly, few affixes can catch you as you Furious Charge your way around combat; even more so if you take advantage of the Act II cache legendary Illusory Bootswhich make you immune to getting cornered, regardless of density and monster speed. Another option for the slot are Ice Climberswhich will not only remove two deadly sources of crowd control, but also reduce cold damage as a whole.

With its addition, Mortick's Brace overwhelms practically all other options for the slot for Barbarians. Truly deprived of a recommended legendary for the slot, the shoulders can be taken by your best rolled ancient item. Minor benefits can be found from options such as Death Watch Mantle and Pauldrons of the Skeleton Kingbut they cannot be considered a necessity by any means.

Your weapon and offhand slots will be split between Thorns and Frenzy synergy see this build's skills page for more information. On the generator front, you will be wielding Oathkeeper — its damage-increasing component will be neglected, but the Attack Speed increase to Frenzy is vital.

Rolls-wise, remember that Thorns specs do not take Weapon Damage into account, and both your weapons will be pure stat sticks that need Strength, Cooldown Reduction and Attack Speed; then, their damage range ideally gets rerolled into Life per Hit or one of the missing aforementioned stats.

As a rule of thumb, Cooldown Reduction is the third primary alongside Strength and Toughness stats that is vital to balance into your gear, as your survivability and damage buffs are all cooldown-reliant. Another important primary stat to factor in is Attack Speed, as Thorns application is directly tied to the speed of your Frenzy attacks.

It is generally recommended to reach at least 1. For Defense stats, aim for a life pool between k; dropping as much as you can for offense as you grow accustomed to the build.

Note that the stat suggestions below portray an ideally rolled item with stats listed in relative order of importance. The first four of them are main stats, and the latter two — secondary stats. If your item lacks and is unable to be rerolled into the primary stats outlined below, especially for a stat higher on the list, strongly consider its replacement.

Perfecting Secondary stats is mostly a case of hyper-optimization and isn't a case for discarding an item, except where noted.The Berserker is the ultimate damage build for a Barbarian. Barbarians built this way dish out massive magic damage with each hit, can override physical immunities, and aren't affected by Iron Maiden. Given the damage potential with this build, however, one can certainly work around this handicap.

Strength : Enough to wear endgame gear. Calculate this amount ahead of time. Dexterity : Shielded: enough for max block, non-shielded: nothing if using 2-handed maces or just enough for equipment other 2-handeds.

Vitality : Everything else, especially for non-shielded varieties. Energy : While Berserk can kill off the effectiveness of Mana Steal, it still leaves little excuse for points here if the Berserker wishes to be at his best. As such, most leave this to equipment. Choose a weapon type first, obviously. Battle Orders : More health and mana is a good thing.

A staple skill to any Barbarian. Shout : A synergy for Berserk. On its own it provides more defense and less damage, though Berserk removes all of your defense anyway. Less useful on a non-shielded build than Howl, more useful on a shielded build than Howl. Howl : Another synergy for Berserk ; can be useful to scare feeble monsters away.

Vital for a non-shielded build, where you put several points into this early on and enjoy howling away not-so-feeble monsters for breathing space.

frenzy barb build d3

War Cry : On a non-shielded build, this is an extra control skill to prevent damage. You probably have to divert here some or all points from Shout and your weapon mastery on a non-shielded build.

frenzy barb build d3

Whirlwind : This will let you fly through enemies and leech mana. Good for norm rushing, as well.

Frenzy HotNS Barbarian Skills and Runes

Increased Speed : This is entirely optional, but wholeheartedly useful. Natural Resistance : More resistance, less damage. Also optional if you're going to have max resists with your gear instead. Battle Command : Raises the entire party's skills by one. Taunt : Stop powerful ranged monsters from attacking you at range, wasting their time to walk towards you and granting a second's respite from their damage. Battle Cry : Reduce damage and defense of nearby opponents for a small extra bit of protection.

These are vital. Your Weapon Mastery and the Howl synergy should have alternating points in them.Views: Replies: Track Topic.

This ladder I decided to make a frenzy barb as I quite enjoy the play style. I frequently kill ancients for people, and almost every time I do people are always amazed at the skill speed and request to see my gear, so I decided I should write a guide!

Why does this build kill so fast? This build is tons of fun to play, you can destroy trash, bosses, ubers and dclone in 8 player games. Another fun part of this build is that on other peoples screens your character appears to blink on and off going invisible and darting around as fast or faster than some characters teleport.

Below is a. This is caused by hitting the 5 frame frenzy breakpoint max attack speed with frenzy Please note that I will not be providing budget options for gear and substitutes. All these items are accessible and the build will not work as well with a single gear substitution. If you are looking for a day 1 ladder reset barb guide this is not it, this is something you can work towards and achieve early enough. Table of Contents 1.

The skills choices will be discussed within the skill section. Although howl and shout are prerequisites they are both useful. Buffing yourself with shout increases armor significantly and howl can be used if you ever get surrounded by mobs and they are not letting you move forward, simply howl and continue running like the wind.

Taunt is maxed for the sole purpose of increasing frenzy damage. The increase in damage from using these four skill points in Axe Mastery are negligible and would decrease the overall performance of the barbarian. Now, I bet your wondering why did you not max Axe Mastery if you plan on using axes? Why the 1 point into Sword Master and Throw Mastery? These choices will become clear when the gear is reviewed, but here is why.

By maxing Frenzy synergies Taunt, Double Swing instead of axe mastery you get increased damage output. Since Deadly strike always procs the critical strike calculation is always skipped since you can only proc Deadly Strike OR Critical Strike on any given hit, and not both.

What about the 1 point into Sword and Throwing Mastery? Well this is for your switch weapons. On my switch I use 2 lawbringer runewords made in phase blade bases. The reason why I choose phaseblade as the base is for the faster attack speed and indestructible mod, these are used to proc Decrepify on Ubers and Dclone. The 1 point into each of these masteries increases attack rating significantly in comparison to no points, letting you proc your curses faster. Double swing is nice to have on your right click incase you come across mana burn mobs, at a certain level Double Swing generates mana and lets you frenzy some more.

I prefer to add an extra couple points as each point into dexterity adds 5 attack rating before skills so this provides a good chunk of attack rating. Vitality — Remainder of your points Energy — None Note: im using a trash anni so res could be better. Armor — Fortitude in Archon Plate Fortitude is used for a number of reasons. Belt — String of Ears String of ears is our only source of damage reduction for the whole build.

frenzy barb build d3

Now you wonder, why String of ears? Since we use offensive curses and not lifetap we need to heal somehow!

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So why death? Ettin axes have a higher average damage then berserker axes and are easier to come by with 5 sockets since Lazurk will always give an Ettin axe 5 sockets. The key stats here is the deadly strike and increased attack speed. Must use. Ring 1 — Raven Frost Raven Frost is used for the cannot be frozen mod. Nothing is worse than being a frozen frenzy barb.

In addition to cannot be frozen, this ring provides up to attack rating, and 20 dexterity another attack rating.